CGPA Calculation In BPUT

The simplest way to caculate the C.G.P.A is to Add up your SGPA for all semester then divide it by the no. of semesters for which CGPA is to be calculated.

That is
CGPA = Sum of All SGPA/No.Of Semester

Now SGPA for a semester can be calculated by multiplying the acquired grade point with The Credit of the subject and summing up this product for all the subject,then divide whole sum by total credits of the subjects

That is
SGPA = Credit points X Grade points(INDIVIDUALLY FOR ALL SUBJECTS) /Sum of Credit points

41 Responses

  1. I don’t know who is behind all this corruption wheather BPUT or Our College
    One boy who was being the college topper has got all the A’s in lab and the second boy who never gone to labs and has not given the vava also has got 2 E’s and 1 A grade

    • It is time to join against bput .We already realised bput not spoiling students life it is creating a community against our socity.It is a play ground to spoil the students life.It is totally a business centre.There is no study in any college.this is happens due to untrained leacturer at low paid.

  2. Even After Having good exams in bput marks alwaya comes low
    the subject in which i should have got back i goe c grades and the subject in which i should have got A grade i got F grade……..
    What is this
    I should be ashamed of my University……
    Biju Patnaik University Of Technology…….
    It is the worst universitiy of world……………..

    • i think i get F on chemistry1 on2ndsem but iget B GRADE butin data i am confident to get at least A but unfortunately i.e back.

  3. Those students who has not got the chance to study engineering any where need not to be worry………..
    He will definitely get chance to enter into BPUT and studdy engineering………………..

  4. Similarly those teachers who was rusticatted from schools or is still searching for a job need not be worry
    He can contact Gandhi Group Of Institutions(specially Gandhi Institute Of Engineering And Technology)
    He will get a job of a teacher …….
    100 % guranty…………
    if he does not get then you can have a dog of my name…….
    And if he serves in the college for 10 years then he will become the HOD of one of the department……

  5. well said subhasish gita group sucks same in gita college too i always go to labs and i get a while others not going to lab are getting e and o

    note :-to passouts do not join gita group of colleges your life will be miserable retarded teachers and no campus

  6. I m from piet & i have seen assholes getting e & o in lab by not attending & bput is the worst university run by some mentally retarded & totaly fucked up people who give grades in semester by lucky draw

  7. i have registered workshop for 1st sem exam but in my result i got F grade in engineering drawing……i dont how this happened.,my college is responisible or BPUT

    • bro ismein tumhari bhi galti hai…………..kyu ki tum kabhi workshop lab bhi ja kar dekho ho wah dikhne mein kaisa hai…………sirf ladki ke chhaker mein lage rehte the……………….aur college ko responsible..kehto ho……………

  8. Hello salini kya isse pehle kabhi comm……… diyatha. l

  9. ceb is the worst college in bhubaneswar for MCA…

    bharat biswal- fraud,knows nothing but says himself as tiger…if “c” is jungle then i m the tiger..foolish

    silu madam- only done pg in english but behaves like a doctorate…knows nothing 100% ..teaches on predictions..a good plitician…when she had power she had given good lab marks to only those students who always used make her boot polish…

    pati sir-ha ha nothing about him ….coz …he is a teacher like a cow boy…he is now HOD…oh my god…

    manas sir-he is the only good ,intelligent teacher in ceb…

  10. hey !! all u ppl r absulutely right..
    BPUT is the worst worst university one can ever find..
    shame in name of technical education…..
    sorry to say but yeh log biju pattnaik ji ke naam ki badnaam kar rahe hain………
    these are a bunch of idiots playing with future of students just for the sake of money

  11. hey all u ppl above r absolutely right…
    the worst ever technical university … on earth i must say.
    shame on the name of technical education….
    ruining the name of great person ..Mr biju pattnaik……
    a bunch of idiots and ass….ole…. playing with future of students just for d sake of money…….
    aanything they concerned about is money money and only money…….

  12. i just curse d day when i chose to join bput
    i’m a final yr student mech…..2009
    i couldnot appear in one of the subjects in regular semsters
    due to some unavoidable reasons……….
    so when i registered for back papers in the special exam they diddnt say anything about the rule
    now the results r out and my results in that subject not published…….
    there is rule “CLAUSE 4.5 or whatever…….which says that students who have not appeared in regular semester are not eligible to appear in the special exams………”
    what a rule!!!!!!!!……. i’m pissed for 1 whole yr for that subject

  13. What is the method to calculate the percentage after getting the CGPA in BPUT???

  14. hiiiiiiii
    it is my sincere advice donot join in smit degree engg colg berhampur………every thing in it are corrupted…….also faculty…..
    basically etc department………..hod p.k nayak is very jelious and low minded fealing for outsider……….he is not friendly very graveness, but dont know anything about electronics…….
    so good luck

  15. you are right friend. dont trust the teacher of dec smit, they are only giving mark to students of showing mark to actually disciplined guy…..SHAME

  16. Tum to nahi padhoge aur bolte ho bput is a worst university……

  17. I hate my university and also my college,BPUT SCITM

  18. Hey! Ya its true i thot i wd get A in my p.o.m bt i dont get who the pig headed,scoundrel,dumbest,illiterate,bloody teacher&co. Have checked it so i got a C.its completely a misery in the heart n minds of the copy checkers.and al who check like this why dont you go and start studing from l.k.g and u.k.g. This wil mak u knw that the time has changed and ths is 21st centry n nt ur grandpas velbotms k 4.0 me v top hota tha.aj bohot cut throat world.dnt make us this hippocrative sanstha cald bput.

  19. BPUT is so great that i cn’t explain by words.

  20. corruupted bput & bhikari college Gandhi Institute of Industrial Technology(GIIT,berhampur)…

    God knows wht mu future will be….
    i think it`s fully dark without light as our college……24 hrs line at classes but in labs current is available….
    tht`s nice na??

    tchrs only show tht they know every thing but know nothng..

    hmm our princi “Mr.S.N JENA”-BUDHA HERO keeps sying read read read no labs required no study tour no functions no laptops no mobile phones nothing……
    only byheart physics and get as a teacher to a bhakari college like me….
    thnk god kabhi aisa mat bol dena ki no PLACEMENT not required…..
    Our princi is such a person who doesn`t know even abc of engineering.

    aur ECE dept to lazab hai…(ekdam butter scottch ice-cream) only teacher ko impress karo marks lao jaisa….
    aur CSE dept ka teacers to khali ladikon ko marks data hai padhata hai,God knows whr boys will go…..
    aur EEE dept wo to ek dam hat ka jaisa students unsa jada teachers(i.e.unha wht is 3-phase current ya generator ka principle nahi pata hai book dekh ka bolta hai…)aur han ek teacher hai mr.tuhar bolka record phadna mein pura mahir ha sala kuta kamina kahinka…..


    look it`s a challange to teachers do me wht u can….i don`t care…
    aur princi tu resti cate kara nahi sakta kun ki resticate kara ga tu to be sala college mein kon rahaga???
    grand challange princi find me & resticate me….
    tu kya resticatte kara ga be mein college chod dun to bhikarion ki taraha mera picha picha ayaga….

  21. yahan itna sannata kyu he bhai

  22. i dont know about bput .please say some thing.

  23. dont ever get in to the bput for any kind specilation. your life will be in miserable. never ever…………….

  24. BPUT me agar rechecking me paper dhlne se better hai uss paper ka back paper registration krna…..kyon k yahan back paper k result ka wait krte krte tumhara 4yrs v guzar jayega bt result ka namo nishan nhi hoga aur agar result aaa v gaya rechecking ka to uss me wahi grade rahega jesa tha no change in ur my advice register 4 backpaper rather than register 4 rechecking….

  25. what about orissa engg college. i heard some students dat if u do gud in semester theory paper,,den u will get gud marks in ur I.A ,sessinal,,,which was not sent in college gud too.. so can i focus in sem,, i also attend all d lab classes and 60% theory classes.

  26. wanna know cgpa 6.45 is calculated to which grade.Thank u.Have a great day

  27. You can Calculate your BPUT CGPA SGPA and your percentage at

    Its free, Automatic, easy to use, and Updated!

  28. My dear young frnd, college is never good or bad, the system that runs the college is bad. Management wants money, Teacher wants sallary, and few of the teacher wants girl freind. The student who do not do any thing is given good mark because soem of the lobby behind them is working. They comparmise few thing with teacher. Those who dont they suffer. u must agree that teacher may give good mark to duffer student, but they never cut mark of intelligent student. if they had not given u good mark it means they have given u the mark which u deserve.

  29. Dn’t take admission in bput because its semester pattern is valuless

  30. I feel to be proud that i am reading in bput university. coz where we continue our study that whatever may be we must be feel proud

  31. Sir,i m in trident colleage i taking huge amount of fine.til now i have summited Rs.26000 due to sir plz help me.mob.9040965342

  32. jay hind

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