5 Reasons;Cricket is not in olympics

1. It is because a single match of cricket takes about 8 hours ,which means a full ground has to be kept reserved for the whole day.

2.In the whole world about 18-20 countries play cricket seriously,(though the number of countries were cricket is played may exceed 130)but olympic is for the whole world.

3.For cricket matches a complete new ground has to be made which means more expenditure.

4.Time spent for watching cricket is much more than watching a exciting football or hockey match.

5.Cricket is a famous game ,so most of the people will watch it,that means other stadiums will remain empty.

But with the new version of cricket Twenty -20 we can expect cricket to be included in olympics in near future.

What do you think why cricket is not an event in olympic?
Even why not twenty 20?

21 Responses

  1. Cricket will certainly be there in 2012 olympics

  2. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  3. Except for soccer and now basketball all of the sports in the Olympics are played by less countries than play cricket e.g baseball,curling,volleyball,beach volleyball,softball etc. Cricket is not in the Olympics
    because the crciket authorities have made no effort before to be a part,and because the Olympics are biased towards sports favored by Europe.Only a
    grassroots movement like that urged by Cricket2012Games.com’s petition could change this, after all the cricket playing world is half the world’s population

  4. What the fuck! Cricket is now played by more than 130 countries world wide . Got it rajendra.. It is second most popular sport in the world..It will certianly be include in 2012.

  5. WTF? Cricket played by 18-20 countries ???

    No way. Test cricket is limited to <10 countries. All British colonies.

    Cricket is not even considered a proper athletic sport in the world. This game has tea breaks!

    So chances of cricket stadiums being full is zero – unless it is played in India and Pakistan

    Fuck cricket

  6. Who’z this fucker. WIL .?
    If u dont know anything dont talk rubbish u fool..
    50-50 over cricket is played by 130-150 countries . Only test cricket is played by 10 full member countries and 10 asscoiate countries . It is most popular and stadiums r full in countries like austriala, england, zim, bermuda, south africa, west indies, india, pakistan, new zeland, … And many more…
    Elyer cricket was national sport of canada and was very popular in the USA ..but in canada ice hockey is popular nw..
    .Recently brazil had hired a indian coach.
    I agree with micheal that 20-20 cricket should be included in 2012 olympics..
    Cricket is played second most popular sport in the world… Cricket in 1900 was part of olympics held in spain…

  7. Ya cricket was part in olympics in 1900 .
    Great britain and france were in the finals. Great britain had won the competion beating france.
    Cricket is popular in europe all nations r now part of icc .
    Cricket is nt part of olympics b’coz cricket officals had made no efforts.
    To help cricket to b part of olympics plz visit
    Cricket2012games.com n givie ur petion

  8. Cricket is nt in the olympics coz their offical had made no efforts .
    Ya cricket is played by 150 countries and recently 60 more countries have applied for membership with icc.
    Where in football 170 countries r playing. It is positive sign for cricket in developing globally.

    Plz visit cricket2012games.com
    n give ur petions
    .to help cricket to b part of olympics

  9. Shane whatever – look around you idiot. Just because the game is played in many countries does not make it a popular sport there.

    Most of the countries outside the 8-10 test playing nations – have cricket as a sport – mainly because of Indian or Pakistani population in those countries.

    Dont compare cricket with real sports like soccer. And as regards popularity – with 1.2 billion people in India – and many more in the indian subcontinent – no wonder many people will watch/follow it.

    Does not make it really popular around the world. It is like saying a Bollywood dance movie is more popular than Hollywood hits.

    Cricket is very unpopular in UK btw – They invented it .. and moved away from this time wasting idle show.

    • I agree with you. I don’t understand why people waste time for cricket when there are loads more important sports to watch. and I would be very much happy if they don’t include cricket in olympics ever… @toAll I’m an Indian btw

  10. It looks WIL u does’t like cricket r u frm india? I’m frm austriala i luv odi and 20-20 cricket.. I nvr compared cricket wit football i was talking about the info which i found in many sites… But anyway 20-20 cricket should be included in olympics.. Whats ur opinion WIL ? Hey wil can i ask u 1 thing y u dont like cricket? I’m also a big fan of soccer…

  11. By the way WIL i’m playing in a local football club queensland united u-19 but i also like cricket very much

  12. The above post is mine shane


  14. cricket is not there because of matches being fixed! including the most recent champions league… trust me i KNOW people who know this was fixed.. they were paid a LOT of money!! hahaha

  15. Hi, Infact Cricket can’t be recognised as an full complete game. First of all Cricket is a Team Game. But all the Team members are not given oppurtunity in the stipulated game time. Which is out of the meaning of a Game context. One more thing a Game always has an stipulated time, which were played for entertainment in the human life, this game occupies ur entire day or few days. which is not worth for an human to be lazy those days. These are the basic ethics it doesnt have for a Game. Please refer to the definition of GAME. You will understand why few countries call it as a foolish or lazy stuff. Infact, I believe our HOCKEY as a complete Game.

  16. wel rajendra im pakistani and u r indian we desperatelt want cricket in olympics but could not able to do its been played in 168 countries popularly but its not been the part of olympics according to me bcs of its expenditure require more sponsers and basically its been famous in only 10 countries

  17. Cricket should be included in 2016 olympics.as it isnot part of 2012 olympics games. very popular & famous game in world .if it is included then more & more nations will take it seriously

  18. Who said cricket is unpopular?
    1.it is the second most watched sports on the globe
    2.Apart from nations like India,UK,Australia,Newzealand,South Africa and nations from the indian subcontinent,it is becoming more and more popular among other asian and european countries.and sm1 said it is becoming unpopular in UK.wat rubbish!!I am from India and I know how mad people of UK are when it comes to The Ashes!!!I never say that any other sport is a disgrace to entertainment.even I love football.People out there,if you dnt like the game then please dont give ridiculous reasons for calling cricket boring!!It is a wonderful sport with sm great nations enjoying it!!And It is bound to be included in 2016 olympics…If not,who cares..V luv cricket whether be it the Ashes,Ind-Oz clash,Indo-Pak thrillers or whether it be in Olympics

  19. Cricket is not in Olympic because, if foren countries see cricket they forget football and also Olympic games. Ya it is true cricket have so many power.

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