why Muslims are spreading terrorism in the world ?

Some of the reasons that i see are :
1.Feeling of insecurity among some muslims that there religion is under threat by the people of other religions.
(actually this is not the case ,there are other religions which are less spread than other religions)

2.Use of religion (Islam) by some of the influential peoples who know kuran and mislesd other innocent people.
(Leaders like Bin Laden,saddam hussain etc with their wealth they force people to do these acts)

3.Muslim nations like pakistan have stong feelings against India as they think that People of India of Muslim religion have very good living standard in comparison to the people of same religion in Pakistan which creat hatered in their heart againt india.
(People in india have better security and fundamental rights nd their per caita income is far better than muslims in pakistan)

4.In Afganistan Bin Laden used his wealth and power to raise a notion against America as he thinks America is the biggest obstacle in his path of making the whole world a muslim world

5.The countries like pakistan,Iraq,afganistan etc. are working togather in making the world a Muslim world.The governence in these countries is either dominated by the military or the other powerfull groups.

6.The Kashmir(as a reason) then why the terrorists killing innocent Indians all across the world.
(Terrorists are just using the name of kashmir ,but the actuall reason might be one of the above points)

8 Responses

  1. Hindu terrorism is also on the rise, Bajarang dal, VHP and RSS are smaller versions of LeT and JeM. Sooner than later we can find these forces in action.

  2. My dear, when after every 3/4 years at least one thousand muslims are massacred mercilessly in India and when one sees the socially underdeveloped muslims in india who are so afraid to speak the truth and one sees the history when india forcible annexed Junagarh and Manawadar in spite of their ruler’s decision to join pakistan at the time of partition, sufficient reasons are revealed for the terrorist attacks carried out by the suppressed muslims living inside india. Besides, the way extremist hindus have started killing christians now, you may find some response from them also.

    • You said muslims beind massacred in India.k we aacept our mistake.What about u?U ppl r killing ppl of everyother religion n say dey r d ones who started evrything first.In d name of Kashmir hw many innoccent ppl hav u killed?Dnt 4gt 26/11.Its always u ppl who start killing innocent ppl n den blame oders 4 provoking u.I dnt say ol d muslims r alike.Der r many muslims who r against this.Do u noe india has more no. of muslims den pakistan n dey ol luv india 4m der heart/My best frend is a muslim n he does nt think dat dey living in fear in india or r dey being tortured.Der r several muslims in d indian armed forces n dey r ready to die 4 der country.India is a democratic and secular country n it treats ppl of al religions equaly.

      • if u r saying my friend dat muslim starts killing innocent people nd want to make whole world a muslim world den i should remind u dat in bosnia in 1992 more dan 2 lac muslims were slayed nd girls were raped brutally, in iraq lacs of muslim people were killed, in afghanistan too dis happened , now lets talk about india 1992 dec 6- babri masjid demolished hundreds of ppl killed nd females raped all over d country , in 2002 gujrat riots the samme happened wid the support of so called hindu leaders like lk advani,narendra modi etc. RSS nd BJPnd SANGH r involved in dese sort hate campaigns nd although i m a proud indian nd i love my country bt at the same tym m muslim as well nd therefore i want to clear ur misconceptions.ISLAM is a religion of peace nt hatred……jai hind Allah o akbar…..

  3. Dear
    I think you have not watched the movie ‘Yeh Mera India’. It is clearly told there that the person ho killed Gandhi budha was not a muslim, who killed Our beloved Prime minister ‘ Shri Rajiv Gandhi’ was not a muslim.
    Maximum muslims are terrorists because their relegion people are, down looked by our hindu people. Take the example you can go to masjid if you are from any religion, but you cant get into a temple if you are not a hindu. When other religion allow us to meet with thyem then why these hindu saints like sankracharya’s of matth’s do this kind of discreminition. See when Indira gandhi went to jagannath temple in puri, the panda’s(saints) did not allow her to enter the temple because she has married a muslim. For this reson only muslim, not only muslim but people of other religion too hate hindus. The naxals are mostly christian they are not muslims. I my self being a hindu hate the pandit’s the temple lookers.

  4. hi……… a typical example is Gujarat incident ……… i went to a temple in tamil nadu i lied them that my name is farooq they started scolding .. and i showed my identity that i am a hindu they left me….. religions are belief i dont why they take it as a serious issue….

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