BOTH INDIA and PAKISTAN own nuclear weapons, But in case there is a war between india pakistan who will be the first to use its nuclear bombs.
Or the Millitants of pakistan will initiate the nuclear war.
Both countries have missiles capable of targetting major cities of both the countries.

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  1. Those pakistanis should go to hell first…bloody ruskels, …. PAKISTAN is motherland of all terror activities …

  2. WHERE IS THIS BULL SHIT FAYAZ AHMED,i miss u man,come on with some more hopeless arguments,but its not ur offence,for that u r paid for that by ISI,laskar e toiba and all,enjoy.

    u rock wit ur bull shit arguments.

  3. The numerical military advantage of India in conventional arms supported by a strong Air Force branch and UAV surveillance capability and Naval arm of service make “Goliath” and adversary that Pakistan’s 520k man army should be wary of. “David” has fought 4 wars with India, with mixed results. But the last two wars were clearly won by superior Indian land and air forces.

    Moslem extremsim in Northern Pakistan is rampant, Pakistan controls only 40% of its nation by territory: mostly cities and coastal regions. The Interior is controled by the Taliban which does not share the need to follow Pakistan official policy. Bin Laden remains a fugitive from the US in northern Pakistan near the Afgan border despite the 25 million dollar reward for him dead or alive.

    The recent Mumbai attacks has triggered an Indian response of Operation “Cold Start” which will take effect upon the next attack against Indian citizens. Cold Start will use Military means to seek and destroy those Moslem Extremists who may inadvertently start a full scale war, should there be another attack by known Pakistani irregulars. India does not have a first strike nuclear policy, but Pakistan although they maintain this first strike philosophy will probably not initiate such a tactic for it would probably cost Pakistan its independence.

    With recent misuse of US funds dedicated to root out and destroy the Taliban [Pakistan purchased 40 F-15’s instead of using the money as intended], it is unlikely that the US would try to protect Pakistan’s independence. How could we justify our invasion of Iraq while condemning India for using the same justification?

    Of course the US is not blessed with an intelligent or experienced administration to deal with a conflict shoud it become real: President Obama and Hillary Clinton are the least quallifited tools of diplomacy in recent US history.

    If war comes to Pakistan, by way of terrorist attacks on India, it will be its undoing as a nation. And perhaps that is not all bad. Considering their tract record on permitting terrorists to live and train in the interior regions of Pakistan.

  4. Your arguments are laughable. The same could said that Indian gov only controls 40% of the country, whilst the rest is controlled by hindu extremists and seperatists.

    Your brave assertions are even more laughable. The last time India sent aircrafts over Pakistan territory they were immediately shot down. You are welcome to try again.

    As for nukes , India was so frightened and paranoid that it was the first to develop and test them. You can rest assured that Pakistan was the last to make and test them and shall be the lsat to use them, after that India shall not exist as a state.

  5. pakista is not a state but a safe haven for all the wrong doers in the world!!!its a satanic type of country …where people dont have a brain in their head but rdx instead!! i am a school student and extremist for pakistan are so so cowardly that they come here to kill children too for spreading terrorism!!!what people!!!

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