Now, this is called truly following in your parents’ footsteps. Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan are set to recreate the magic of Amitabh and Jaya in a remake of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Abhimaan of 70’s.

The film will go on the floors in February 2009, and has music by AR Rahman.

The movie maker Rajeev Menon will bring Ash Abhi together for the film that will be remake of Hrikesh Mukharjee’s “Abhimaan” of 70’s in which parents Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan appeared. The film will show them to be singers like the previous film. The film is about struggle between married partners to get fame.
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Dont MARRY unless You KNOW…

This page is for all you people out there who are wanting to get Married. There are many Beliefs and Superstitions surrounding the Sacred Ceremony of Marriage. My thoughts on this are…. if you believe it so…. then so shall it be. Just remember this…. Don’t be so anxious or Hell Bent on getting Married or think that time is running out. Take your time in life and find the one Mate you really wish to spend the rest of your life with. Get to really know the person you want to marry…. if you have not lived with this person for at least a year… then you really don’t know them and all their habits. Also… why take Vows if you are not going to stick to them. So many people rush out to get married and a year later they are divorced. So take your time… and Choose wisely!

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Before Using Microwave – Really Concerned For You

1.Male and female hormone production is shut down and/or altered by continually eating micro-waved foods.The human body cannot metabolize the unknown by-products created in micro-waved food.

2.Liquids, when heated in a microwave oven in a container with a smooth surface, can superheat; without actually boiling. The boiling process can start explosively when the liquid is disturbed and can result in a violent burst of water and vapor resulting in liquid and steam burns

3.In a microwave oven,food is cooked by exposing it to microwave radiation. Most household microwave ovens operate on a frequency of 2450 megahertz (MHz or million cycles per second) in a continuous wave (cw) mode. Larger ovens used for industrial applications sometimes operate at 915 MHz.
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